Friday, 20 July 2018

WHAT IS ON YOUR BUCKET LIST? Nudity, Body Image and Living a Fearless Life

My mind was blown in both Ottawa and Niagara falls  recently. Just came back from Welland ...caught the 6 a.m. sun rise in Oakville while the city was still sleeping and and I'd never felt happier, even with very little sleep. This was my second women empowerment One Woman Summit weekend in a few months and I mostly flew the car back. 

It all began a few months ago on Facebook when I saw an ad for a women empowerment seminar in Ottawa for a full day, dirt cheap. They're talking my language. A full day of listening to inspirational women doing Ted Talks  for 20 minutes each. Because of the nature of my business and the name Spoiled Rotten I end up giving way too much of myself to make everybody else's vacations perfect. I really don't do much for myself so I jumped at the chance and signed up and was very excited. 

Then I scrolled down further and saw that they were asking for speakers. My heart stopped and skipped with excitement at the same time. I'm always talking to people about their bucket list and always doing something that scares them everyday and I knew this is something that I had to do. I know I have a message to give. So I approached the organizer and told her I was interested but there were no more spots and Ottawa, only in Niagara Falls on July 7th. My friend said let's make a road trip and go together. It's always my new friends getting me in trouble and then backing out, those darn hags. So then the organizer sent me a link and I realized I was getting paid $500 for this; woohoo that was awesome news but then when I read it more closely it said I had to pay $500. What the hell. So I read up on it and found out it was an Oprah initiative sponsored by one of her mentorees to raise money for grandmas and young girls over and Africa.  Okay, okay it's a fundraiser. I was big time on the fence and my friend Joanne said what is your gut telling you? Are you disappointed that you're not going and I was, so I said I'm going to do it.

Cathy Boretski

What is On Your Bucket List?

Owner - Spoiled Rotten B&B 

I'm glad I had an extra two months to prepare my speech which was written years ago. I practiced it at nauseam but only recently gave it publicly to a close friend Claire and then to her and another bestie Louise and they were so supportive. Finally I took the plunge on my way to Niagara Falls and gave it to my drunken hillbilly family at our reunion enroute. They had told me that 20 minutes was a lifetime to sit quietly, they talked all the way through it, heckled me, interrupted me constantly and told me their own stories throughout my speech, and in the end they finally listened and said they enjoyed it, or as you can see in this photo, they were just to loaded to care.
Have you ever seen a more captive audience?  They look thrilled!
Practice it a few more thousand times on the way but was still so very nervous on the day. 

I stayed in the most wonderful Airbnb in Welland with Catherine and Nancy. After that long of a day, 11 hours of driving, they served me a free supper, offered me booze, gave me the run of their medieval mansion. It was heaven; they even had a pool. 

Went to the trade show at    Odarkhundred, got the best table and set up. Now I am not into aesthetics and everything looking pretty. As an afterthought I pulled out a wrinkled old sheet full of jewelry from under my couch that ended up being my table cloth. Wasn't sure why but I knew there would be a reason so I laid out all the jewelry from my friend; it's always a good draw for other women who like bling like me. I only had my ugly outdated house pictures that I forgot to update- what a missed opportunity since I have so many new renovations at the bed and breakfast. 

Years ago I gave away one night stays like candy and nobody ever took me up on it but recently they did and it was a year out of date on the expiry and it wasn't even the person who won the prize and bloody hell, it included a massage.  WTH was I smoking?  So I decided not to give away a room this time. I gave away the bed of nails for aloonie an entry. They loved it. I also did my standard free massages while I talked up the bed and breakfast.
These trade shows attract a lot of Lifestyle coaches who have books.   They're very good at it and their displays are exquisite. Not me- I look like I was having a wrinkled old garage sale. The lady on one side of me is an event planner and she had chiffon and frames and color matching and gifts wrapped in purple, oh my. I was out of my league.
Nathalie on the other side had done all kinds of trade shows, had candy to give away, beautiful flowers- nope not me.  I looked like I should have had dump trucks of crappy yard sale items left over at the end of the day filling up my table. I gave away many many postcards for the bed and breakfast. Such a busy day and on the breaks the droves would come for massages,  for shopping at Cathy's, and  contest entries. I felt very blessed. The speeches were phenomenal from these women who have raised themselves up from nothing and created their perfect lives, manifesting their dreams. 

My time was coming and my stomach was getting heavier and more nervous. I really felt like I was going to be sick as always when I give small speeches at my church in the past; the only place I've ever given my speeches.  My heart was racing and it was at that moment that I said to the universe you got to help me here. I know I have a message to give and I know it's a good message but I need you to fill me with peace and clarity and be a good channel for the audience so that they can get the message they need. The moment came and peace entered me. It was magical. My eyesight isn't phenomenal so when I put my glasses on to read something I couldn't see the crowd very well anyway. They didn't need to know that . 

Surprisingly the PowerPoint clicker worked great when I remembered to press it. When I practice in my car a few million times nobody ever laughed. I was shocked with the response and I hadn't practiced pausing for laughter. When it was all over with, I knew it went well. In 8 weeks I will have my professional video.  No idea how to upload my amateur copy of 20 minutes but make no mistake, you will have to suffer thru that as well.

Back to the lobby to find my table and relax for the rest of the day. I could not have imagined what was to come next, it was beyond my wildest dreams. The women came out and surrounded me and thanked me and hugged me saying I changed their life. One woman told me her friends said "I hope she never stops talking". Others told me they couldn't stop crying and I was surprised because this is not a crying speech but I guess when you're at a point in your life or you're not living the life you should be,  hearing what you should do is an aha moment which I was thrilled to provide. I had one woman tell me that she is forever pushing the bucket list, which was my topic, on to her family and friends but she forgot to do one for herself.  

Another told me "that was wonderful -now where is the book? You could have sold a hundred books today if you had them. You wetted our appetite and we want more." Now I know book is in my future someday but I have no idea how to do it. It is my dream. Sure I do have one book that my daughter Christelle created for me out of all my traveling blogs but nobody would want to read that. Would they? One woman said "I just need to hug you for a very long time". I felt like she'd gone through a change in her life. Always so uplifting knowing that you're reaching women at the midlife crisis time in their lives after 40 where they know change has to happen. 

The last line of my speech was to make a joke, post a tasteful picture of me nude on the beach and say maybe one day you could join my adventure and we will paint nude together. And then I added, speak in front of a large audience, check... meaning it's off my bucket list. The women after said we don't understand what the last line of your speech meant. 'You didn't mean that this is the first time you've ever given to public speak did you?' I told them I'd only given talks at my church and they were shocked. And at that moment the organizer walked by and said loudly, "you should be giving speeches for a living". Oh my God that felt good because she's heard a lot of inspirational women speak. I'm really milking the speech that I made for my church 5 years ago after my pilgrimmage, aren't I?  

The last picture of my presentation was me nude on the beach. At my bed and breakfast that's one of the pictures on my travel wall that the male guests zero in on out of 30 on the wall. It's like they have a radar.   One of the only males in the audience wanted to talk only about one of my biggest topics of my speech; body awareness and being nude. 

I stayed till the very end cleaning up my garage sale when another speaker came by and said I really should have written a book. I confided I really have no idea how to do it.  All I have is blogs and she says put them all together and make your book-  it will sell! 

The universe is sending me so many messages that I should write a book that I'm thinking maybe I should. It makes my heart race with excitement. And who wouldn't want to have a house full of unsold books about herself to look at everyday? I can make furniture out of it and give them as thank-you and Christmas gifts like socks that nobody ever wants lol. 

Oh well it's all over with or just beginning not sure yet. I really do feel so blessed that I not only had the opportunity and saw the ad on Facebook but that for a change I actually followed my heart. I think good things are going to come out of the speech. 
One woman said don't change a word on that speech. There's a group that meets in Niagara Falls and I think you should come back and give that exact speech to them. Would you be interested? Hell I'm always interested to pay $500 to give a speech, who wouldn't be? This may be the first of many speeches around the world with Tony Robbins and Deepak Chopra. Oh, they will come, if we build it... and you talk about nudity.

Monday, 16 July 2018


Virtual Reality is not something you expect to experience at a B&B but then again, this is not your ordinary Bed and Breakfast. 

Most of my experiences are done standing up so this MUST be fake.  
I share my technology, my music on I-pod, cell phone (especially if they have an out of country sim card) and my virtual reality (VR). Now that is one hilarious sport to watch.

The first time I tried on VR glasses, I knew I HAD to have it for the B&B, no matter what. As a result of owning a pair, I have probably increased the sales of the VR headgear beyond what other marketing companies could ever hope to achieve. I should actually have bought shares because once you try it, you are hooked. I encourage the use of the virtual reality experience twice per guest; the first time for the feel good Introduction to VR, and the second time for the high adventure, Fear of Heights. The latter is so intense that when I did it the 2nd time, I had to lift up the glasses to see my red carpet and reassure myself I wasn't teetering over top of a wire at the top of a skyscraper.  Don't even thing of asking your guest to hold your hand while you bring them closer to your counter and away from a wall because they will scream and wail, "No I can't do it.  I will fall".  I now make people hang onto the back of a chair for their own safety. I know the game so well that I stand nearby and coach where to look for the optimal experience.  Spoiled Rotten is the place  where people go to die AND they walk away laughing.

The Logistics of Owning VR With Your Cell Phone:

The headgear comes in two types; one for an I-Phone and one for an Android.  I used to have an old phone, S5 but 'they' suggested I upgrade so when I did at the local big box store, as a reward they gave me $100 gift card.  The entire headset came to $45 for me altho it could have been cheaper because sometimes they give $200 cards.  I am thrifty so I downloaded the two free apps, Occulus and VR and in those apps, all the free ones where the ratings weren't too sad.  I haven't paid a cent more than $45 for hours and hours of fun and one day, I will find the courage to ask a child to teach me how to use it for more than two programs.  Recently, a guest commented that if I had a 360 camera for my family reunions, we could watch them on VR.  I am soooo tempted for $144.  

One of my favourite moments was encouraging a man to try it.  His company had just taken on a client with VR capabilities and his team was representing them, BUT NOONE ON HIS TEAM HAD NEVER USED VR BEFORE!!!  Can you imagine?  I let him play for as long as he wanted so he could at least talk intelligently about it.  That's just the kind of good Samaritan I am.  

The challenge with entertaining this way is that the headgear uses my cell phone so it's tied up whenever the whole group is trying it out and loving every minute of it and I'm getting behind on my emails. If a personal message comes in, they can see the subject line and that's a little unnerving.  On the upside, it's pretty hilarious to watch people diving and screaming and overly dramatic but of course I can't take their pictures because THEY HAVE MY PHONE!!!  Often the grown kids are hooked and want to do another one and another but I draw the line at two or I'd never find out what spam or urgent porn is anxiously awaiting my action.  

And this is one of the only pictures I will ever have sadly.

Sharing my phone is a pain but the laptop is worse. I live on my computer laptop but there are times when guests arrive with only mini tablets, older cell phones that they can't see because they've forgotten glasses or they hate small technology, like myself so I lend them my laptop for hours and hours and hours at a time; ok, it's probably just 20 minutes but it's sheer torture for me because I am just as addicted as they are to their media and emails. I am forever getting behind in my duties but it's always for a good cause, even if I get a little twitchy waiting for my turn. And no matter how much I'm crawling the walls, you will always get the same company line from me, "No, no, it's no problem at all. Take your time", as my head is bursting into feverish flames and I'm imagining throat punching them. Oh, the things us innkeepers do for you.  I'm just kidding, "It's no problem at all.  Take your time".

Sunday, 3 June 2018

Always wanted to Run a B&B? Insanity!!!

When my  Ottawa B&B starts getting busy I have to remind myself to breath because come May, it is like trying to contain a tornado.

The workshop season is coming to a heavenly close. This year the workshops were crazy busy and  we are all delighted to see the guest season start up again and this I know because I belong to a Facebook B&B group worldwide, 2000 strong, who are making a collective sigh of relief.  Our phones are starting to ring off the hook again.   

Running a B&B is tough work but we are like Goldilocks.  We don't like it when it's too busy and we don't like it when it's too slow; there has to be a perfect amount for us not to whine...yes, yes, we are very high maintenance but we hold the future happiness of your stay in our overworked little hands so whine we must…and then we often finish with wine.

This May long weekend was a challenge.  I'd just hosted a wonderful Musical Sound Healing when the hurricane of humanity hit.  Three rooms, nine separate booking all staying for one nite and full for three nites.  I eventually went on autopilot.  Thank God the car knows how to autopilot to the nearest Giant Tiger and my grocery cart knows the standard breakfast fare that I always buy 'cause I had a hard time keeping everything straight after so long of the dry spell. 

I had no idea...
  •  who wanted the Complimentary beverages; strong coffee or decaf tea,
  • Since we Cater to Your Dietary Requests, which ones were gluten free, or was it lactose intolerant, or not eating sugar ? 
  • Who wanted the Savoury or Sweet Snacks Upon Arrival
  • Was it the girl who wanted the foot Massage or the man the shoulder rub?
  • who still needed to try the Virtual Reality glasses
  • Which ones still needed to pose for the Mug Shot wall
  • Did he get to hang from the Inversion Table yet for his back? 
  • Who requested the dreaded Breakfast When You Want It at 7am so I had to be up at 5:30?  
  • Were they from Toronto visiting the city or the ones from Montreal visiting their wait, they are from overseas and here for a funeral.  Calgon....

Blissfully, the last batch all wanted me to sleep in so they ate, all six of them, at 9:30 in the morning.  In innkeeper years, that's almost like finding the Willie Wonka golden certificate and it was wonderful.  AND NOT ONE OF THEM had any special food requests or allergies.  It was a heavenly start to a great year.

All I have left to do for workshops until fall is:
Make your Own Rainstick June 5th,
Paint & Sip Nite June 6th,
Journaling and Meditation, June 12th and finally
A Spiritual Spa Day (maybe) June 10th ish...pending

So if any of these classes interest you, please contact Cathy at

And don't forget to sign up if you wish to have notification that there has been a newly posted blog.  It's much faster than your sleeping pill for insomnia.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Bed & Breakfast lodging, Workshops & so many Paint Nites

This has been a spring in Ottawa (February, March and April) like no other in the four year history of Spoiled Rotten.  Normally I lay fairly low and put on a couple of workshops and live off KD and forage for whatever unfortunate protein, (aka mice and bugs) I can find; normally lean times. I think since I've invested countless hours into marketing my place and answering the main question on every body's mind- "Is there really a B&B in Orleans"????  that now, my business comes up in Google SEO and TA, Facebook, Airbnb and the countless other social media and advertising sites I belong to.  It's all so exciting and daunting.

This year I was like a snowbird, one that is all screwed up and forgets to go south for the winter; I wanted to "get away" but forgot to put down my mountains of paperwork and just go.  Winter is when I mostly relax and do some workshops.  I get to reconnect with my long lost local friends but not this winter.  This year, though, my 6 months of down time have been hard labour with a happy ending, unlike my massages :).

 In three months, I have hosted:
  • Mobile Paint & Sip afternoons
  • Countless in house Paint & Sip Nites, some with great musical accompaniment
  • 1 Spring Break Family Paint day and 1 Mom/Daughter paint day
  • An epic Speed Dating Paint Nite
  • 2 Spiritual Coffee Houses
  • 1 Acrylic Paint & Breakfast class 
  • 1 Soiree Inspiration on various Healing modalities
  • 2 Journaling and Meditation evenings
  • 1 Spiritual Spa Day with a psychic and
  • 2 Boudoir Photo Shoots, one with strong cartoon female models
  • A Coffee evening to discuss Sex after Divorce and finally
  • A Healing With Cannabis afternoon (coming up)

All this happened while I juggled 10 rentals, two Romance packages, an interview for a friend to do a short term rental, an interview to view the venue for a Celtic House Concert here, many massages and a week long get away to Vegas with family.  I'm exhausted just reading this, knowing all along how much fun it was and how much work was involved. There are times when I wish I knew how to just sit and "be". I hear that comes, for some, when they die.  Somehow I doubt even then that I will rest.

I did get a bit of time to connect with my beautiful grandbabies whom my daughter is trying to hurt with  killer spiders in Australia. I even finally got to Belleville to see my long lost family.
Yes, they are identical twins in kimonos

I was fortunate enough to see Rod Stewart and the Arrogant Worms in Ottawa and Cirque du Soliel's Zumanity and Elton John in Vegas.  The One Woman Summit  that feature's Oprah's protegee was epic.

May is shaping up to be busy with guests, more healing workshops like:
Therapeutic Touch evening
A Bowen workshop
A Musical Sound Healing
Lots more Paint and Sip nites

Pscyhic Dorathy's beautiful artwork from the Spiritual Spa Day

Lovely Vanessa with her daughter for a private Paint Day
                        One of many paint events with musicians.
The Arrogant Worms in Ottawa

 Mike Giovannazi's Photo shoots at Spoiled Rotten B&B.  That is MY broom she is using.

Realto Lisa teaching her students Watercolours.  

      This is my Vegas Daughter/Twin Jessica- identical, yes!

Zumanity, Elton John and Rod Stewart


My musicians for Paint Nite and the Celtic Concert

And who knows what else the future holds this summer... oh ya, actual guests for my B&B!  I forgot. 

Friday, 9 February 2018

Technology and booking a room at this unique Ottawa B&B

Well, I don't think Bill Gates is going to be calling me any time soon and I don't think I will ever have bookings online. I'm technologically challenged and yet my friends all come to me to fix their computers and get things set up. ME!! I'm an impostor. I can barely turn my computer on.

I was trying to video chat on FB using my laptop with daughter in Australia. I have never used the webcam before. We were going to both use laptops this time so the grand babies could actually see my face and despite many tries, they couldn't see me. I kept going to the icon and touching the screen until I realized my laptop is 1000 years old and does not have a touch screen which means I also cannot stretch the screen bigger. Doh!
When we were finally connected with audio by laptops, she alas could still not see me. No idea why not until I remembered the FB story I read about a news story recently, (and FB doesn't lie!!) saying hackers could remotely turn on your webcam on your computer AND cell phone and everyone knows hackers want to watch a near 60 year old head bobbing with boredom on the computer. One quick solution was to put some tape over it. I'm naive enough to always do as I'm told and once the tape came off, voila, there was Australia! I was at the phone providers and spontaneously asked, while I was waiting, why I couldn't do selfies anymore. Oh the eye rolling as he took off the tape on the cell. Is that the phone ringing? (

I also suck at sending and receiving payments. New on my bucket list for 2018 is to do goat yoga. I don't even like yoga but it sounds so cute. I saw a meetup for one so I signed up and prepared to pay immediately. It was confusing so I sent an email and received a response to send the E transfer to this gentleman and I would be confirmed. I did and used the password prompt- the animal; they would know I meant a goat, right? Unfortunately, I had been trying to pay for another meetup to learn how to do Dim Sum for the same price. The E transfer wires got crossed and Dim Sum lady suddenly doesn't know what the animal password is. Darn, it's goat. How could it be any easier for a Dim Sum event. So I am now proficient in horsd'oeuvres but still no goats. I should not do technology, ever!

It gets worse. For two weeks, I could not get any sound out of my dinosaurs-walked-the-earth when this TV was manufactured TV. I was furious with my provider giving me a defective box again. I was going to give them the last piece of my mind but maybe I would google it first then I would tear them a new one. One article talked about the top 10 mistakes people make when there is no sound and #1 was, make sure the Mute is not on. Well, that is dumb 'cause I never use that feature BUT, other people use them in this Bed and Breakfast room. Sure enough, it was muted and Rogers "magically must have fixed my box".
I was having countless problems with the PVR and after they were almost all solved, I felt silly getting the specialist come out to 'calm the old lady who has been a loyal customer since the beginning of time". I explained that the box had been rebooted but my favourites no longer came up. He patiently asked if I'd had the box replaced and then ding, ding, ding, the light bulb went on.

Finally I inquired why Netflix wouldn't work. He said that had nothing to do with my provider and as I reached for one of the 100's of remotes from exchanging the box so many times, I realized I had been trying to get Netflix with the wrong remote. Had I only put my glasses on, I would not have this problem again. How much more humiliation and eye rolling can I take.
Wait, I have to go. My phone is ringing and it might be Microsoft after all. I hope it's Bill calling about that emailed resume I texted to his cell number.
(BTW what does 9000 TXT 2 Landmine could not be delivered mean?)

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Travel, Workshops, Inspiration and Research

Have you ever wanted to get out of a funk, put an idea out there that was something you haven't done before and another person jumped on board to join you?  As I type this, I realize I have indeed done exactly that but forgot. 

This time I was wanting some new inspiration for spiritual workshops and the guinea pig would be Mike Dooley's Soulapolooza in Florida.  He's most well know for TUT, Notes from the Universe that I have received everyday for years.
I told my friend Linda and she turned my unformed idea into a dream, complete with a ticket with dubious connections and the event pass purchased. 
Holy cow, what on earth had I signed up for November past? I know, like the people who have kids first then marry, I travel, celebrate the months of Christmas then write. 

Imagine an entire weekend with my favourite hobby and an unlimited number of like minded people in the bikini heat of Florida.  I would be totally immersed and I couldn't imagine anything more fun... and this is where the story goes downhill as most of my stories do derail.
I got a cold before departure; yes it was the worst sniffles the doctors had ever seen.   They weren't sure if I'd live or die or what to name my plague after AND I had a bad neck issue so for four days plus 2 months after I couldn't look left or right, up or down.   I was coma-like and in great pain despite the continuous pre-departure massages from my masochistic masseuse.  Do you know how much you process with orifices leaking and unable to turn left or right?  Pretty much nothing!!!
I learned I am not a big conference person and I really wish I had known this before I left.  The signs were there, like me not wanting to talk in line at the bank  to draw attention to myself and not wanting to sing to kids in public places.  I don't like people watching me bowl or play pool either.  Maybe if I had not been ill, I would  have loved the constant rah rah session and goofy cheers and the adoration for the cause but alas, as a Typhoid Mary, it just irritated me, all those people having fun with me feeling this way.  It was almost like they didn't even care.  

I was told I didn't have to attend everything though if I didn't want to- I mean who is going to enforce one's attendance?  They already had my money so whether I showed up or not was of no consequence to them so I bailed and went to the beach.  I had left a chilly winter in Ottawa to be in balmy hot and sunny Florida; Clearwater to be exact, and I had lots of sunscreen which was totally unnecessary. 

Before I continue, I feel obligated to tell you, I remember cold and chilly but I'll be damned if I can find any cold and chilly pics.  Honestly, it was chilly but I was determined to get those money shots of me roasting in the sun...then putting my coat back on. Maybe the coat was in the evening- I dunno.  Maybe I was jacked up on cold medicine.

 Florida unfortunately, did not get the memo that they were supposed to be warm as seen by the lack of people sunbathing.  Of course it was warmer than Canada but I had to wear a coat.  A coat!!!!! It wasn't warm enough for a bathing suit but if I'm honest, I was too sick and crabby to enjoy it anyway.  It might as well have been a tornado because that is probably the only thing I would have been happy with.  Any of you who have followed my travels throughout the years would remember that I tend to remember the morbid and it takes me awhile, ok years to look back fondly on my trips.  I have no idea why I'm like that but my next reverie on the Riverboat cruise will confirm this 100%.  

I did get to go to two events that I may one day turn into  workshops.  Soulapolooza is high on "like attracts like", visualisation, and realizing that your thoughts become things so you should not think about things you don't want to manifest. They hosted two events, one called a Heaven on Earth party and Come as Your Future Selfie.   
Ladies in white rippin' up the impromptu dance floor.

The Heaven on Earth party had us all dressed in white, reminiscent of the Ayuawaska party I went to in Costa Rica years ago but there would be no hallucinations this time round.  We played some interpersonal ice breaker games, lit some candles and while I had been told by my team leader that there would only be light food, and I should definitely eat supper before, there was copious amounts of food like what I would picture a buffet in heaven would look like.  I was so sad (hmmm, lets be honest- bitchy as hell) and pre-stuffed like the proverbial turkey. 
I have absolutely NO idea what we were doing with the candles.
 It had been a long day so we cut out early before the booze mixer and went to hot tub (the verb) and watch the stars as we sat on the beach. In retrospect, that does sound like a lovely night. Found out that in the past, the hotel used to be on the beach but someone decided to do some blocks and it was now quite a distance to see the water, so much so that they now had a shuttle.
I'm standing half way between the hotel and beach water.  The little dots in the distance are people standing by the water.

Linda was great at this visualization and play acting.  She was the
perfect traveling companion.  Wish she could have said the same
about me.
It was fun to figure out what I was inspired to be in the Come as your Future Selfie party and visualize every detail of it and talk like it had already happened and I was on the best seller list.  I realized my dream is to be a writer.  Do you know what is salt peter to this dream.... realizing that every other person at the conference                                                                     wants to be a writer as well. 

While looking back at the pictures, I realize I must be a very gifted photographer 'cause I look like I was having fun in the sun. 
My favourite time was when the "annoying" guitar singer was playing all my favourite folk music.  I was in heaven altho our working group a few feet away was having difficulty hearing ourselves think.  I was ready to kick our group out so I could bask in the tunes I never get to hear.

Quite honestly, for this conference, I had a plan to find myself, get some sun and start doing yoga daily, (never happened) and get the most out of this conference.  

Yoga never happened every morning.

Feel blessed to have listened to this gifted singer.

I guess some good did come out of this weekend but I still hold that I am not a big conference person.  In retrospect, I realize that I had attended another conference once before to empower women down at Lilydale NY and it was very memorable.  It was a smaller group, more intimate and impacted me greatly.  Apparently small group conferences are my thang.

I can use some of this stuff.  We were given a workbook, Love Your Life in 30 Days.  Upon closer look, I realized I had already done it on my own long before the trip.  Aw well, can't hurt to do it again, can it and I'm sure some things have changed in my life.  Last time I did a vision board, I half finished it and forgot about it.  6 months later, I decided I was going to do a vision board (damn my memory) and it was my sister who reminded me I already had one started.  Told her she was crazy, found it half finished, apologized profusely and realized, almost everything had come true on the board I didn't even know I had.  Maybe there is something to all this cheer leading rah rah sis boom bah "I can do it" routine that I can use at Spoiled Rotten B&B. (BTW, how do you like the new logo?)

So bottom line, I should not pay to attend large conferences no matter what,even though it sounds glamorous and energizing.  I need to look for local, small group workshops to market my place there as these are the peeps I want to rent my space and let me be a fly on the wall. So all you like minded business people, just rent the darn place for your workshop or come to one of my Paint Nights already.  Good space, better food and best price and thanks for coming out.
Forgot I took this so belated Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Workshops at Spoiled Rotten B&B - mine or you renting space

Workshops at the B&B -  yes it's that time again. They start when the people stop coming and Lordy I'm pooped.  This was the longest season in three years and it was maniacally busy.  Being the control freak I am, I did 99% of it myself and that does takes it's toll.

Now I know post about summer stuff seems like I'm a little behind in my musing and you would be wrong.  I am a millions miles from being caught up on writing.  Now is the time to do it...even if I just shoveled my driveway.

It was a great season and except for the scammers and police business, subsequent death threat and the homeless, penniless final guest, it was a good year. Of course it ended with all the B&Bs meeting each other and rallying around City Halls decision to include us with the big hotels and Ottawa tourism.  They are voting now.  Fingers crossed.  If not, I will have infinitely less time on my hands.

I did get organized enough to winterize the homestead and backyard.

This is what I was doing on November 3rd...picking raspberries and they were soooo good.  I was able to gather up many of the apples from the five-in-one apple tree and the apple crisps should be starting soon.  When apples are left in a bucket in the back yard, the animals devour them.  When I move them to the garage, the mice send me thank you cards and shred them.  My apples are safe nowhere.  After my most recent trip, I returned home to find they'd all frozen and turned to mush. Heartbreaking waste.  The tomatoes in the garage were looking pretty grim too and all had to be tossed. 

With all the rain we had, the tomatoes still were thriving even up to the bitter end.  This particular tomato plant was hidden away in a corner.  When I went to investigate, I found it was about 10' long.  So bizarre.    The three tiny basil plants grew into forests.  I actually gave away entire 2 foot plants to anyone who would ask.

I have a huge Canada flag outside but one day I found a huge amount of damage to it. I was worried it was the disgruntled scammer as I didn't know they had been deported. Right after I sent the photo to my daughter, I mean exactly one second later, this rat bastard crawled out on the limb and continued to destroy a national treasure. I shouldn't tell you this but he was delicious.

I decorated up the aged fence in the back yard this year with multicoloured vases with flowers.  It was all very whimsical until today.  Minus 10, the rain that fell into the bottles froze and they all shattered in my garden.  Man, what a mess. 
At least the fruit bat/flies have almost all died off but it was a bitter battle. Having four composters is challenging but having four operational ones year round is darn near insanity, even if I have the best vegetable garden around.   Every time I looked out the window, I'd go to war slapping them to their death but as you can see, they won!  They must have read The Art of War because they certainly know how to corral the troops.
And so now the grounds are done, or as done as I'm going to do, it's time for workshops.  I have hosted a few Paint Nights already and working on the Energy Share and Meditation.  I love painting and am always open to Paint Nights.  I will also host the Meetup, "Not Your Momma's Book Club" or what I affectionately call the Dirty Book Club, two Spiritualist church group sessions, A Spanish Club meeting, a Christmas party and in the new year, Caring for the Caregiver.  I love to use my place of business for other groups because while it's not a get rich scheme, I can participate and enjoy lots of new topics and of course people get to see my place.  This is important because every day in the high season, I hear, "there's a Bed and Breakfast in Orleans?" Yes, I'm here.  Just call me. 

I really want to manifest retreats so if you know anyone wanting to have a meeting here or better yet, a small retreat locally where some participants actually sleep over, well give me a call.  Who wouldn't want to stay at Ottawa's only holistic B&B and I do have the best prices in town for the spoiling you will receive.