Sunday, 11 September 2016

Getting back into the Swing of Things after the winter dry spell. Spring 2016!

It's coming. Listen to the scary sharp suspense music - do you hear it too? The B&B season is gearing up to be even busier than last year. More bookings this month, some return visitors; word is getting out. My school mentors once said that some businesses fail because they are too successful and I thought that was so ridiculous. I can see it- you burn our, start forgetting things. I am really off my game this season. I really, really loved the break with an occasional booking because I kept busy with having workshops etc.They feed my soul going into spring.  

Yesterday, it was 10:30 am, I was still in my pajamas, looking quite dreadful, the house looked worse. I was having very late arrival guests so there was absolutely no rush and I was enjoying relaxation mode. A woman knocked- I almost ignored her like it was Halloween again when the lights are off and I drop silently to the floor lol but thought better of it. I opened the door and she said,"Hi, I'm Jane" and just waited. I had no idea what she wanted with the interminably long pregnant pause until she said "I'm here for my massage." OMG, is this Saturday? I promised her only a 5 minute wait and moved heaven and earth and took a "shower", (deodorant), set up the table, music and had one of the best guests ever. She had won a free massage, and is the first person to ever redeem one of the many giveaways I've given. Heaven help me when they all find their coupons and come a calling. 

I was rethinking giving away one hour massages until I realized, after an hour, we were best friends and she's coming to my workshops and invited me out for drinks with her friends. And the best part was, I remembered her husband when they both received a shoulder massage. I had told him I had an acupressure mat for him to try and I could never figure out which person in the draw he was. Victory is mine!! And just for the record, I have never ever forgotten a guest's arrival but no promises for the future.  

I'm still in dopey mode, whiny mode- why do I have to start cleaning again, and making meals and changing those infernal beds. Alcohol is certainly not helping my maid mindset, no matter how early I start because it's always 5:00 somewhere in the world.

I have to remember how no matter how many times guests tell me they are lactose/gluten... intolerant so I have to plan a special menu around them only to have them ask for the exact item I carefully made sure was not on the table.
My neck was hurting so I knew if I went to bed, it would relax and all would be well in the universe. I slept like a log and woke up TWICE to use the bathroom. Gotta stop drinking water so late. The third time, I decided to look at the time....11:30pm. Huh? I don't understand. What day is it? It's dark outside but that doesn't help.   I had muted my phone for the night and there were 13 important texts I had ignored for the entire day which is unheard of. My phone is always with me. I backtracked and saw that I hadn't brushed my teeth yet. Weird. I went downstairs and saw the curtains weren't shut for the night. I am hungry so maybe I didn't eat supper. My late day medication is untouched. I have some unfinished work on my laptop and finally I cracked the code. I look into history when this was last saved and it was 4:30pm when I must have lay down for a power nap. I slept for SEVEN!!!! hours and woke up the same day before midnight. I'm hooped, aren't I? Great way to start March.

The funny part about this post is it was written in spring as the season was gearing up to be very very busy.  I forgot to post it and now the next post is the season is over with.  Dang!  Am I going to have to fill in the blanks? Not going to happen.  

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