Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Trends Over the Years

When you first open a business, you will bend over backwards to be successful and get business. I took every single booking I could get my hands on.  You learn lots over the years and belong to the online B&B support groups and they tell you what not to tolerate.  So here I am 2 1/2 years later and I am still doing everything the same, exactly the same....I have to.  I have called my business Spoiled Rotten and you don't have that moniker without taking in everyone and doing most everything.  It's a crazy world I live in.

Thank God the universe has thrown me a few compassionate bones to change my business especially since I am not a destination, and I live in the burbs.  The first year I had all one nighters....SOOO much work!  Last year I had more two nighters.  This summer past I enjoyed full house rentals, and LOTS of them, one for 5 nights and that was a long long time to share your house.  It was the culture shock.  I'm even thinking about foregoing the workshops in the quiet season for one month room rentals.  Finally met a couple who hinted they might want to rent my space in the quiet season for five months and travel the world the rest.  I could live with them but not most. Pity I can't rent the place while I am gone but insurance would disown me.

Had the best family every stay with me.  They  were high level professionals from the Fillipines and, suprisingly, every single member from there and Saudi, spoke perfect English.  They were such a delight.  I can't even imagine having a family of seven and every single one of them as a professional.

In with this I will end this post unfinished. More to come.

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