Thursday, 9 February 2017

150 Reasons to visit Ottawa in 2017- especially for Family Day at Spoiled Rotten B&B

There are so many reasons to visit Ottawa this year and I'm hoping to enjoy the benefits of filling accommodations at Spoiled Rotten B&B when this city gets crazy with tourists.  I'm mildly amused that my sister on warm Vancouver Island is shoveling day and night with a continuous snowstorm.  That shouldn't fill me with chuckles but I kept up with the snow this year by myself and briefly overlooked a snow drift.  The freezing rain came and I am now the proud owner of a snow kingdom of my own, not so unlike the one you will find at Winterlude's Jacques Cartier Park.  They celebrate the cold and I'm ashamed to say, I curse it, just a little. I must chip it away before the guest come tomorrow.

Since Australia, I only leave the house when absolutely necessary.  It catches fire?  You might find me in the shower, which is a cold wet spot indoors while I hold my fire extinguisher to avoid getting dressed up for the cold.  I run out of food, don't you worry about me.  I have lots of canned and questionable stuff I can re-create into something I would feed my kids.  (what, me eat it? No way!!).  I need gas for the car.  Nope.  It'll be cheaper in the spring.  I only have about 6 more weeks to hibernate.  Move over bears; there's one more to share your cave.

I even bought cross country skies a couple of years ago and joined a ski group but I have yet to get out.  I did buy snowshoes and made it out once with a bunch of young bucks racing like wild fire was after them at midnight in Gatineau.  Not so much fun especially when you are always the oldest one in the group. If they had any respect for seniors, they would revere me and maybe even carry me if I lagged behind but they don't.  Rotten whippersnappers.

Now where was I.  Oh ya, call me and make a booking for your family to stay with me.  I'm such a nice person that I will even take your family members you don't want to have stay with you.  Even better, why not rent the whole place so you can all hang together for Family Day long weekend.  Before you even ask, yes, I do live here; my insurance company requires since I'm a real bed and breakfast in case you decide to do the proverbial bus pulling up to the house full of partiers for yet another Airbnb party.  Once!  It happened once and I hear about it all the time and now I have to be here because of those darned party goers.

Don't worry, you won't have to see me if you don't want to.  All you have to do is ask, "so what time are you leaving here to go home" and I can take the hint but if I duck out, who is going to give you the massage when you return home battered and worn after your snow activities.  Who is going to tell you how to run the bubble bath so the jets don't run a muck?  You want me there and I promise to keep you in stitches.

So click on these links and see when you want to come to Ottawa and have a pampering stay here or even a romance package.  If you are spontaneous, this link might lure you for Winterlude this weekend.   or  Ignite 150

Make sure you bookmark these links when you are coming here and I'll see you soon.

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