Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Workshops at Spoiled Rotten B&B - mine or you renting space

Workshops at the B&B -  yes it's that time again. They start when the people stop coming and Lordy I'm pooped.  This was the longest season in three years and it was maniacally busy.  Being the control freak I am, I did 99% of it myself and that does takes it's toll.

Now I know post about summer stuff seems like I'm a little behind in my musing and you would be wrong.  I am a millions miles from being caught up on writing.  Now is the time to do it...even if I just shoveled my driveway.

It was a great season and except for the scammers and police business, subsequent death threat and the homeless, penniless final guest, it was a good year. Of course it ended with all the B&Bs meeting each other and rallying around City Halls decision to include us with the big hotels and Ottawa tourism.  They are voting now.  Fingers crossed.  If not, I will have infinitely less time on my hands.

I did get organized enough to winterize the homestead and backyard.

This is what I was doing on November 3rd...picking raspberries and they were soooo good.  I was able to gather up many of the apples from the five-in-one apple tree and the apple crisps should be starting soon.  When apples are left in a bucket in the back yard, the animals devour them.  When I move them to the garage, the mice send me thank you cards and shred them.  My apples are safe nowhere.  After my most recent trip, I returned home to find they'd all frozen and turned to mush. Heartbreaking waste.  The tomatoes in the garage were looking pretty grim too and all had to be tossed. 

With all the rain we had, the tomatoes still were thriving even up to the bitter end.  This particular tomato plant was hidden away in a corner.  When I went to investigate, I found it was about 10' long.  So bizarre.    The three tiny basil plants grew into forests.  I actually gave away entire 2 foot plants to anyone who would ask.

I have a huge Canada flag outside but one day I found a huge amount of damage to it. I was worried it was the disgruntled scammer as I didn't know they had been deported. Right after I sent the photo to my daughter, I mean exactly one second later, this rat bastard crawled out on the limb and continued to destroy a national treasure. I shouldn't tell you this but he was delicious.

I decorated up the aged fence in the back yard this year with multicoloured vases with flowers.  It was all very whimsical until today.  Minus 10, the rain that fell into the bottles froze and they all shattered in my garden.  Man, what a mess. 
At least the fruit bat/flies have almost all died off but it was a bitter battle. Having four composters is challenging but having four operational ones year round is darn near insanity, even if I have the best vegetable garden around.   Every time I looked out the window, I'd go to war slapping them to their death but as you can see, they won!  They must have read The Art of War because they certainly know how to corral the troops.
And so now the grounds are done, or as done as I'm going to do, it's time for workshops.  I have hosted a few Paint Nights already and working on the Energy Share and Meditation.  I love painting and am always open to Paint Nights.  I will also host the Meetup, "Not Your Momma's Book Club" or what I affectionately call the Dirty Book Club, two Spiritualist church group sessions, A Spanish Club meeting, a Christmas party and in the new year, Caring for the Caregiver.  I love to use my place of business for other groups because while it's not a get rich scheme, I can participate and enjoy lots of new topics and of course people get to see my place.  This is important because every day in the high season, I hear, "there's a Bed and Breakfast in Orleans?" Yes, I'm here.  Just call me. 

I really want to manifest retreats so if you know anyone wanting to have a meeting here or better yet, a small retreat locally where some participants actually sleep over, well give me a call.  Who wouldn't want to stay at Ottawa's only holistic B&B and I do have the best prices in town for the spoiling you will receive.    

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