Tuesday, 16 September 2014

The bounty of my organic garden- truly spoiled and blessed

Today is cold and I read that tomorrow will go down to only 2 degrees so I thought I'd better start harvesting seriously.  I have an organic backyard garden that has been feeding my clients, friends and myself for the last month or two.  Albert told me to use Bat Guano (yes, bat poop from the specialty growing stores), seaweed and calcium and it's like Jurrasic Park meets Jack and the Beanstock out back.  My neighbours can all see my garden outside from their second floors and they are not amused.  Their gardens, well, most in the province, are non producing embarrassments as mine would have been with

out the two secret ingredients I will now buy for life.

I've made some salsa, frozen lots, eaten lots and made spaghetti sauce but now it's getting serious.  I have to make stewed tomatoes and lots of my homemade salsa, that is quite good it I do say so myself.

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