Sunday, 7 September 2014

The terror is settling in. Spoiled Rotten BnB is Open For Business!

It's really happening.   My business cards are being made; the dreaded Business Plan is complete and approved by the school and the ministry.  My Google location is being verified so I can soon be on the map. The blog has been started and the website has gone live.  OMG, it's really happening.  It's either succeed or drown.
I have never fancied myself as an entrepreneur; oh sure, I have dreamed of this day for almost 30 years but to be the mastermind of it, and the chief, cook and bottle washer, well, that is indeed terrifying.  Gone are the days when I can sit back on my laurels and rest.  Gone are the days when I can pass the blame for errors, but most importantly, gone are the days where I can rely on others to do the manly jobs, the financial planning, and the business details,  because I am THAT person now and my name is all over everything.  I wonder if it's too late to back out and say, "I was only kidding".   

I need to wrap myself around this reality and see the benefits.  I work from home now.  No more buses and lineups and competing for business on my lunch hours and after work.  If I want to camp through the week when the parks are empty, I will now get the best sites.  I can sleep in (although my body hasn't caught up yet to that and I'm up at 5:30 most days).  I can attend the coffee meetings with my friends now.  My house will always be clean.  Oh this could have some advantages.   I will always have fresh cookies on hand; wait, is that a plus or a minus?

Must keep this much to do.  Just wanted to welcome you to my insanity, let you have a sneak peak at the demons and voices in my head competing for time on how to run this business, and let you know what goes into opening a boutique bed and breakfast in the burbs. Let the games begin.      

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