Thursday, 26 April 2018

Bed & Breakfast lodging, Workshops & so many Paint Nites

This has been a spring in Ottawa (February, March and April) like no other in the four year history of Spoiled Rotten.  Normally I lay fairly low and put on a couple of workshops and live off KD and forage for whatever unfortunate protein, (aka mice and bugs) I can find; normally lean times. I think since I've invested countless hours into marketing my place and answering the main question on every body's mind- "Is there really a B&B in Orleans"????  that now, my business comes up in Google SEO and TA, Facebook, Airbnb and the countless other social media and advertising sites I belong to.  It's all so exciting and daunting.

This year I was like a snowbird, one that is all screwed up and forgets to go south for the winter; I wanted to "get away" but forgot to put down my mountains of paperwork and just go.  Winter is when I mostly relax and do some workshops.  I get to reconnect with my long lost local friends but not this winter.  This year, though, my 6 months of down time have been hard labour with a happy ending, unlike my massages :).

 In three months, I have hosted:
  • Mobile Paint & Sip afternoons
  • Countless in house Paint & Sip Nites, some with great musical accompaniment
  • 1 Spring Break Family Paint day and 1 Mom/Daughter paint day
  • An epic Speed Dating Paint Nite
  • 2 Spiritual Coffee Houses
  • 1 Acrylic Paint & Breakfast class 
  • 1 Soiree Inspiration on various Healing modalities
  • 2 Journaling and Meditation evenings
  • 1 Spiritual Spa Day with a psychic and
  • 2 Boudoir Photo Shoots, one with strong cartoon female models
  • A Coffee evening to discuss Sex after Divorce and finally
  • A Healing With Cannabis afternoon (coming up)

All this happened while I juggled 10 rentals, two Romance packages, an interview for a friend to do a short term rental, an interview to view the venue for a Celtic House Concert here, many massages and a week long get away to Vegas with family.  I'm exhausted just reading this, knowing all along how much fun it was and how much work was involved. There are times when I wish I knew how to just sit and "be". I hear that comes, for some, when they die.  Somehow I doubt even then that I will rest.

I did get a bit of time to connect with my beautiful grandbabies whom my daughter is trying to hurt with  killer spiders in Australia. I even finally got to Belleville to see my long lost family.
Yes, they are identical twins in kimonos

I was fortunate enough to see Rod Stewart and the Arrogant Worms in Ottawa and Cirque du Soliel's Zumanity and Elton John in Vegas.  The One Woman Summit  that feature's Oprah's protegee was epic.

May is shaping up to be busy with guests, more healing workshops like:
Therapeutic Touch evening
A Bowen workshop
A Musical Sound Healing
Lots more Paint and Sip nites

Pscyhic Dorathy's beautiful artwork from the Spiritual Spa Day

Lovely Vanessa with her daughter for a private Paint Day
                        One of many paint events with musicians.
The Arrogant Worms in Ottawa

 Mike Giovannazi's Photo shoots at Spoiled Rotten B&B.  That is MY broom she is using.

Realto Lisa teaching her students Watercolours.  

      This is my Vegas Daughter/Twin Jessica- identical, yes!

Zumanity, Elton John and Rod Stewart


My musicians for Paint Nite and the Celtic Concert

And who knows what else the future holds this summer... oh ya, actual guests for my B&B!  I forgot. 

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