Sunday, 3 June 2018

Always wanted to Run a B&B? Insanity!!!

When my  Ottawa B&B starts getting busy I have to remind myself to breath because come May, it is like trying to contain a tornado.

The workshop season is coming to a heavenly close. This year the workshops were crazy busy and  we are all delighted to see the guest season start up again and this I know because I belong to a Facebook B&B group worldwide, 2000 strong, who are making a collective sigh of relief.  Our phones are starting to ring off the hook again.   

Running a B&B is tough work but we are like Goldilocks.  We don't like it when it's too busy and we don't like it when it's too slow; there has to be a perfect amount for us not to whine...yes, yes, we are very high maintenance but we hold the future happiness of your stay in our overworked little hands so whine we must…and then we often finish with wine.

This May long weekend was a challenge.  I'd just hosted a wonderful Musical Sound Healing when the hurricane of humanity hit.  Three rooms, nine separate booking all staying for one nite and full for three nites.  I eventually went on autopilot.  Thank God the car knows how to autopilot to the nearest Giant Tiger and my grocery cart knows the standard breakfast fare that I always buy 'cause I had a hard time keeping everything straight after so long of the dry spell. 

I had no idea...
  •  who wanted the Complimentary beverages; strong coffee or decaf tea,
  • Since we Cater to Your Dietary Requests, which ones were gluten free, or was it lactose intolerant, or not eating sugar ? 
  • Who wanted the Savoury or Sweet Snacks Upon Arrival
  • Was it the girl who wanted the foot Massage or the man the shoulder rub?
  • who still needed to try the Virtual Reality glasses
  • Which ones still needed to pose for the Mug Shot wall
  • Did he get to hang from the Inversion Table yet for his back? 
  • Who requested the dreaded Breakfast When You Want It at 7am so I had to be up at 5:30?  
  • Were they from Toronto visiting the city or the ones from Montreal visiting their wait, they are from overseas and here for a funeral.  Calgon....

Blissfully, the last batch all wanted me to sleep in so they ate, all six of them, at 9:30 in the morning.  In innkeeper years, that's almost like finding the Willie Wonka golden certificate and it was wonderful.  AND NOT ONE OF THEM had any special food requests or allergies.  It was a heavenly start to a great year.

All I have left to do for workshops until fall is:
Make your Own Rainstick June 5th,
Paint & Sip Nite June 6th,
Journaling and Meditation, June 12th and finally
A Spiritual Spa Day (maybe) June 10th ish...pending

So if any of these classes interest you, please contact Cathy at

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