Monday, 16 July 2018


Virtual Reality is not something you expect to experience at a B&B but then again, this is not your ordinary Bed and Breakfast. 

Most of my experiences are done standing up so this MUST be fake.  
I share my technology, my music on I-pod, cell phone (especially if they have an out of country sim card) and my virtual reality (VR). Now that is one hilarious sport to watch.

The first time I tried on VR glasses, I knew I HAD to have it for the B&B, no matter what. As a result of owning a pair, I have probably increased the sales of the VR headgear beyond what other marketing companies could ever hope to achieve. I should actually have bought shares because once you try it, you are hooked. I encourage the use of the virtual reality experience twice per guest; the first time for the feel good Introduction to VR, and the second time for the high adventure, Fear of Heights. The latter is so intense that when I did it the 2nd time, I had to lift up the glasses to see my red carpet and reassure myself I wasn't teetering over top of a wire at the top of a skyscraper.  Don't even thing of asking your guest to hold your hand while you bring them closer to your counter and away from a wall because they will scream and wail, "No I can't do it.  I will fall".  I now make people hang onto the back of a chair for their own safety. I know the game so well that I stand nearby and coach where to look for the optimal experience.  Spoiled Rotten is the place  where people go to die AND they walk away laughing.

The Logistics of Owning VR With Your Cell Phone:

The headgear comes in two types; one for an I-Phone and one for an Android.  I used to have an old phone, S5 but 'they' suggested I upgrade so when I did at the local big box store, as a reward they gave me $100 gift card.  The entire headset came to $45 for me altho it could have been cheaper because sometimes they give $200 cards.  I am thrifty so I downloaded the two free apps, Occulus and VR and in those apps, all the free ones where the ratings weren't too sad.  I haven't paid a cent more than $45 for hours and hours of fun and one day, I will find the courage to ask a child to teach me how to use it for more than two programs.  Recently, a guest commented that if I had a 360 camera for my family reunions, we could watch them on VR.  I am soooo tempted for $144.  

One of my favourite moments was encouraging a man to try it.  His company had just taken on a client with VR capabilities and his team was representing them, BUT NOONE ON HIS TEAM HAD NEVER USED VR BEFORE!!!  Can you imagine?  I let him play for as long as he wanted so he could at least talk intelligently about it.  That's just the kind of good Samaritan I am.  

The challenge with entertaining this way is that the headgear uses my cell phone so it's tied up whenever the whole group is trying it out and loving every minute of it and I'm getting behind on my emails. If a personal message comes in, they can see the subject line and that's a little unnerving.  On the upside, it's pretty hilarious to watch people diving and screaming and overly dramatic but of course I can't take their pictures because THEY HAVE MY PHONE!!!  Often the grown kids are hooked and want to do another one and another but I draw the line at two or I'd never find out what spam or urgent porn is anxiously awaiting my action.  

And this is one of the only pictures I will ever have sadly.

Sharing my phone is a pain but the laptop is worse. I live on my computer laptop but there are times when guests arrive with only mini tablets, older cell phones that they can't see because they've forgotten glasses or they hate small technology, like myself so I lend them my laptop for hours and hours and hours at a time; ok, it's probably just 20 minutes but it's sheer torture for me because I am just as addicted as they are to their media and emails. I am forever getting behind in my duties but it's always for a good cause, even if I get a little twitchy waiting for my turn. And no matter how much I'm crawling the walls, you will always get the same company line from me, "No, no, it's no problem at all. Take your time", as my head is bursting into feverish flames and I'm imagining throat punching them. Oh, the things us innkeepers do for you.  I'm just kidding, "It's no problem at all.  Take your time".

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