Thursday, 30 July 2015

Aug 2015 Manifesting Bookings and Happiness a la The Secret

Aug 2015

All my life I’ve lived my life and spoken with a protection disclaimer in case I am wrong that for example, “I want to be rich” “but I’ll probably end up living in a box down by the river”.  It’s always tongue in cheek and with humour but a part of me doesn’t want to tempt fate.  Recently, a few people have pointed it out to me and I’m starting to get it.  I had a two week stint in July where luck was not really with me with bookings so I was getting discouraged and a little nervous.  Then it happened.  I woke up, after reading that darned book, The Secret, and said, OK I’m ready now for guests.  I laid out exactly how I wanted them to start booking and added that with the workshops, I wanted the universe to send to me people wanting to use my home for their workshops and to make them weekend/overnight affairs.  With the Powers That Be appropriately admonished, I turned on my phone to a booking.  Throughout the day, the phone continued to bring good news and then I got two women asking if they could have overnight retreats at my place.  Wow!  I love this positive thinking and manifesting what I want.  I also often think about the abundance of money and how I deserve to be financially stable and by golly, it’s working.  I’m fully on board and I now know that even though I’ve read all this in the past, until I’m sure and trust fully, it may not happen.  Now I am sure it will! And that's enough woo for one day.

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