Thursday, 30 July 2015

May 2014 No One Prepared Me For Business and Going to School

May 7th, 2014
My contractor came back from being away and is already too swamped for me.  Bloody hell.  He’s the best.  I’ve put feelers out there and even asked the teacher of a vocational college if he has any names.  Now I wait for the lad to call me back and the waiting is killing me.  I attended a book club and when there was a lull, I asked for opinions on my romance package.  They loved it and said it was grossly undervalued and I should raise the price but not before they used it first.  Already, I’ve sold two, a possible snowbird house sitting and a few family overflow promises. 
I was supposed to go to Toronto to stay at an Air B&B to check it out and ask so many questions. While at the Civic, I scoped out a number of places to advertise with the social work department and communications.    
I did finally get on the course but once there I found out that few people on the course had done any impact on their jobs.  Me, I went home and started to prepare my home; you know, doing the kind of work that most people do before they sell their homes, and it has been brutal.  I’ve been cleaning, de-cluttering, painting, pulling weeds, shopping, decorating, and let’s be serious, not sleeping much.  I’ve developed a twitch, I blink constantly, and fall asleep standing up often.  My eyes are permanent slits, so much so that I look evil or of the living dead.  Keep your children away from me while I am planning this business if you don’t want them to run away screaming from the scary lady.
Three weeks of intensive business study and today we are doing bookkeeping and yesterday was taxes.  OMG someone kill me. 

I survived the finance classes and the taxes and learned that I have to know NOTHING but find a good accountant and I do not need to register my business or account for GST.  I’m not fooled by the promises of the latter.  If I’m wildly successful, I will have to start from day one keeping track so I’m keeping track now.

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