Thursday, 30 July 2015

June 2014 - My First Booking!

June 13, 2014
Just hosted my first clients, a wonderful family of five.  Mom, day and three under 13.  Oh my.  I’ve never seen children so calm and loving towards each other or well behaved.  The toddler goes to bed at 6:30 and is up around 7ish.  What the hell did I screw up with mine?  Satan and Beelzebub never slept thru the night and they fought.  This weekend, I was in the presence of Stepford kids and I both loved and shook my head in wonder at them.  Darned perfect parents. 
With that said, I learned a lot about myself this weekend.  I am looking to be of service and pamper couples who want to be pampered.  Travelers just want to be left alone mostly and I sit by like an annoying mother hen, waiting to serve, feed and pamper.  If they have youngsters to cater to, or they are too busy to be pampered, well I’m just annoying, waiting to pounce, vulture like.  No one wants that.   I’m like the BnB stalker lady.    Also, why didn’t anyone tell me that BnB owners without staff have to do all their own laundry and cleaning.  What the hell!  It didn’t help that the day prior, I had just received all my beds, and mattresses and duvet covers and mattress covers and sheets and pillowcases.  Some kind person suggested I wash everything as there were a few wrinkles.  What a wonderfully time consuming good idea that was.  The only think is, drying did not take out the wrinkles but introduced 3000 more.  Now my new beds looked like homeless people had borrowed the sheets for a month.  What a disaster.  I ended up “happily” like the the troll, no, the dwarf- probably Grumpy or Fed Up from Sleeping Beauty, ironed the one for the main bedroom but ran out of time for the other four beds.
I finished all the setup a half hour before they arrived so by the time they were at the door, I just wanted to scream, take to your rooms and don’t ever come out.  J  Of course I couldn’t take out my exhaustion from the last two months on them and rather served hot chocolate chip cookies and lemonade.             

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