Monday, 14 November 2016

Australia - Nov. 4

Today we  checked out of our Airbnb early maybe even before they woke up navigating the whole city to get to the Infernal camper van place. I was a total wreck. They had promised me they would drive around for a little bit to show me how to drive on the left side of the road but it was a little girl who was maybe 12 years old who had never driven showing us the vehicle and we did not get that exploratory drive. I was so petrified. My navigator and I about killed each other a thousand times because I couldn't listen to directions as I was trying to not kill us. As much as I hate driving, I hate driving with sleep apnea  deprivation. We have now learnt traveling together that you have to stop when a sleep apnea person says it's time.  You cannot continue to drive  esp if  you did not take  your  medicine in time. It needs 1 hour to kick in and you don't make that mistake twice. Man those first two days were terrifying. As the days go when I get in the car and if I have to turn left I mentally tell myself it's the first lane and look to the right. If I have to turn right I remind myself to pull into the furthest lane with the signal opposite of what I'm expecting.  Roundabouts are always challenging because unlike Canada they go clockwise and I'm forever thinking I'm in the wrong Lane. It wasn't until days later that I learned I have to Signal or I could be fined heavily and lose demerit points. So far so good.

Went to the ocean baths. This is what they looked like but the original pictures were on the camera that got wiped. Every city should have this.

Lots of beaches along the way are a surfers paradise so it's difficult for swimming but with the oceans baths they have built up area like a swimming pool around it and another one for the children and it's so cool. We have driven for 5 and a half hours, longest day today and all we don't have the strength so supper was a bowl of the best tasting cereal with milk we've ever had for supper.  Instead of paying for a camp stop,  we went for free parking along the beach but no shows etc. *Sigh* I'm too old for this.

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