Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Nov. 6 - Lighthouses, Drunken GPS & Caravan Parks

Another early wake up at 5:30 to go to Byron Bay and watch the surfing beaches. After a Tofino style death defying drive to the top, we climb to the real top of yet another Lighthouse lookout. People were crowding around to watch the helicopter which was using a megaphone to yell to the divers and swimmers to get out of the water -there were sharks. Maybe I don't need to scuba dive in the Great Barrier. Maybe I just need to look at some postcodes.

We have switched from Samantha to Tom for a GPS. I think Tom drinks heavily or the stupid campervan place has not given us updates so we will forever be overriding it and my human GPS is saving the day. We were supposed to go to Surfers Paradise but it's just too far and it's full of high rises so we ended up at Miami Beach. Really doesn’t matter on a  long trip like this.  Seems a lot of Miami Beaches in the world. We stayed in an overnight RV camper van Resort called Ocean Beach tourist caravan park. More waves, more blistering sun and sand. In the daytime this place is like City morgue but at night everybody knows everybody and comes over to help the dumb Canadian girls who get up and leave every single day to go to a new location. They all laughed at us when we said we had 14 days to get from Sydney to Cairns. piece of cake! What do they know? I nearly choked when I saw a sign saying 1590 km to Cairns. The actual distance from Cairns to Sydney is 2730 kilometers at about 32 hours without stops. That translates to 500 hours for us.  WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!!!

We went to the live folk music guitarist and ordering my first drink in a week. Heaven and I’m such a quick buzz.   Poor human GPS cannot drink.

We set up the camper with the awning for the first time and of course none of it works and we don't have the proper tools that they said we had. I'm very frustrated with this company but yes I know we're on vacation so we will shut the hell up. I can read your mind.

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