Monday, 14 November 2016

Australia - Nov. 5

What a perfect way to start a day. Unfortunately I woke up very very early so at 5:30 we went in our jammies to the beach at the top of a sand hill to watch whales which is very uncommon in the area, esp in Nov  and watch the sunrise. you know what happens with your camera on those days- thousands and thousands of pictures that you have to clean up when you get home.

Living in the camper is difficult because the bed is quite horrid and I'm living like a filthy hobo. By 7 a.m. we are on the road along the beach hopefully to catch a camel ride but not likely. Apparently camel's are so common they are shipped from Australia to other places. We did go to a lighthouse lookout that was one of many spectacular sites you just can't describe saying there are nice rocks. Later in the day we checked out a Koala Hospital Sanctuary. I really expected to see nothing but oh my god, we were up close and almost personal with the koalas who are not allowed to be touched. Saw some more kangaroos then when to Port MacQuarie and Coffs Harbour before Byron Bay and ended up at Little Italy rest up.

Well we were getting a typical sunburn on the beach; Canadians burn faster- maybe ‘cause we are stupider. I keep seeing these clear white life savers on the beach. I bend down to pick up on in realise what the hell you doing? They are jellyfish. I asked a local he told me it was then later he stopped me and said no he was mistaken it was the what was left of the fish from the sea. He picked one up the kids played with them and later someone told me know they are jellyfish. Trust no one -they are all batshit crazy.

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