Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Nov. 17 - The B&B from hell and so many BATS

We packed up and worked on the computer with our pictures for a long time then headed off for an early start to the last Airbnb which was supposed to be near the airport but ended up being 6 houses up the road. We should have known better. Maybe it was lovely but she had just had surgery so you could account for some of the problems but definitely not everything. As we approached the buiding our own steep steps to our unit had police caution tape everywhere at the bottom and top. That doesn't seem like a good start. We went around the back where all the construction was which was not mentioned on the website. Up the stairs, a lovely young lady showed us to our room and the tiny kitchen with no table and told us the living room was off-limits if she was there which she was most of the time.
Now I'm not suggesting that she was running a brothel but there were three different men there at different times and a lot of wine which we were not offered. I sound judgmental but mostly bitter and jealous.
We were very spoiled at the previous place where she offered us a bottle of wine upon arrival. Our new host said there was Wi-fi but it's only in our room. There is air conditioning but it's only in our room. The rest of the house has all the windows and doors open in the 35-degree weather damn it all. Air con means air-conditioning throughout the house. Ok she's off on a technicality.

She'd only been open a few weeks and had three good reviews. I don't have any idea how that was possible. The window in the bedroom did not have a screen and I'll be damned if I'm sleeping with even more bugs. There was a spider (ok wannabe- daddy long legs) in the bathroom and spider webs everywhere.
Somebody vomited in the toilet overnight and it was a mess. I guess that explains the mini party they had going on till 1 a.m. which was quite loud. The bathroom ceiling is covered in mold, the walls needed painting desperately. The stove did not work so she had a single hot plate for a meal to be cooked. The taps in the kitchen and bathroom did not work. Sadly she was competitively priced with all the others Airbnbs in the area but she did not offer anything close to what they did. And no breakfast of course but that's the airbnb way unless you are a Superhost. She did say she'd only been open briefly and giggled please let me know if there's anything, anything at all you can suggest. Boy is she in for a rude awakening. Gives Airbnb a bad name but the funny thing was, from when I just reviewed, she has had 6 young reviewers that were 5 star. Maybe I'm just more fussy. That's a good thing, right?

We did get away around 6 o'clock with other tourists to sit at the city council building who hate the bats so much to watch the onslaught of bats take off from all of the trees throughout downtown. Oh my God it's so spectacular. The noise level is crazy the smell is wild and then suddenly one takes off and they all take off and the sky is covered; for at least a half an hour you could hardly see out of it. I must have taken a hundred pictures and videos. My daughter got pooped on and was not very impressed. I'm not sure if I actually swallowed something so if I come down with some disease that's the reason. You don't look up and go "oh my God" and leave your mouth open for too long. Back home to bed.
Millions of these sleeping bats overhead

City hall hates the bat poop on everything.

Shocking to see really.

And these are the trees that host the monsters. This particular tree, a banyon, is one long tree with millions of offshoots that span a city block. It's gorgeous.

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