Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Nov. 18 - Leaving Australia 4 New Zealand and Indecision

 Auckland is surrounded by so many inlets and as you go further inland, it's all mountains and green hills.

Ottawa should have this.  A tourist beer drinking bike. A Beercycle

I was up quite early got ready said my goodbyes walked the five or six houses to the airport pickup and the worrying begin. I no longer have my travel agent super planner with me. She planned every detail of the next portion of my trip but she wasn't there to navigate. Luckily the Airporter bus showed up and the driver was wonderful. The people checking me in at Philippine Airlines fabulous people. The people it security all smiled and we're happy which I have never seen before. Even the people selling food in the airport are wonderful. What a great airport to be in.

It seems like Auckland is 3700 + kilometers away. So it's a little more than what we drove from Sydney to Cairns. The an. Also are no longer exotic and koalas.  No more imaginary koallabies. I will never again fear the encounter in the woods with the dreaded cassowary bird that is part evil soldier and part ému.  And how robbed am I that I didn't see even one terrifying drop bear? Daughter warned me about them and I felt something was fishy but every time it came up, there was not a smile on the group. Could a whole country be that good at punking me? Why yes they could be good at perpetuating the national lie. It was only when we picked up the cutie hitchhiker and I mentioned it that he snorted Urban Legend that I raised my arms in VICTORY.  I Knew it!!! She almost opened the back door of the van and ejected him she was so nail spitting mad.

Oh my, the flight is all Christmas songs. In THIS heat? Santa doesn't come to the tropics, does he?

Watched some TV and slept. Yes I'm now a rebel. She who shall not be named can no longer tell me when to stay awake or sleep and it's glorious. I have 3 whole seats but am I greedy to say that with all the seats in front reclining, I still feel like a sardine? One more hour. Guess I will begin to eat all the food I brought that they won't allow in the country. So much to consume. The adventure continues. On arrival I screwed up. They let me thru the 10 second lineup but when I went to declare and he told me if I overlooked even one apple it was an automatic $400 fine. I was so worried he sent me to my own department to have me tear my bags apart. Daughter should be feeling pretty smug as she told me in no uncertain terms that I was a food hoarder and pack rat.  Final x-ray and I was off.headed to the Airbnb host but rather than mess around with 3 buses and hiking 15 minutes with my over sized backpack, I caved and decided to take the door to door shuttle.
My very clean, very simple airbnb couch in the living room when digs were limited on a busy weekend and I did not pre-plan soon enough.  Great place and host. 

Australia was hooooooot as blazes. NZ is much cooler and rainy but after two days, bright sun. People haven't seen the sun in weeks. With the help of my guardian angel Beth, NZ is now great. My previous trip partner Christelle planned every minute detail and I was paralyzed with fear and indecision after we parted wondering what the hell I was doing in NZ.  This was my sister Diane's dream not mine- oh well. My friend was waiting there and took me around to everywhere since she used to live there. Had supper and parted. I stayed up too late trying to make plans. I have
about 1000  brochures to go through.

And these are the places I wanted to see in NZ in only one week, not taking into account, the air travel days. Did Auckland, Cathedral Cove, Hot Water Beach, Rotorua and many places inbetween. No Waitomo glow room caves or Hobbiton. 

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