Thursday, 17 November 2016

Nov 11 - No Waterfalls, no Sunset Cruise - the Rainforest Retreat #1 & EATEN ALIVE

Still in shock that Trump is now the president. I don't think that horrifying feeling ever go away. Valerie only charges $50 a night for a room and then she serves as $50 worth of breakfast fresh fruit cereal. She's amazing. And this is the best part of my trip - I'm 100% caught up on my blog on my phone. If only she had a computer or Wi-Fi here. I've never been to a place that had no Wi-Fi. I will have the entire blog done and only be able to post it when I arrived back in Canada.

We stop every day to make sure the car is full of gas, sometimes $1.14, sometimes $1.35. Either way it's over $50 to fill for a half to a full tank and it's killing me because my Prius would do so much better. We always break up the trip even if we don't stop by getting ice cream or sharing a chocolate bar. I'll be seven hundred pounds before I return.

We drove many hours today , as usual, to see a waterfalls but when we arrived the water had dried up and it was just a nice little pond so we visited with everybody there and continued trying to find somewhere to stay I almost had convinced one of the swimmers to let us stay at his house with his yacht but he waffled too long.

Well 12 days in and 7 more days in Australia and 7 more days in New Zealand then it's home to Canada snow sweet home. I have no idea what city we're in or where we've been but we move every night. It's exhausting and really nice. We've  met so many wonderful people especially with Airbnb. We came into this town which just finished a music festival and everything is booked solid. Christelle was on two cell phones and about 10 different websites trying to find anything hostels Airbnb, Bed & Breakfasts, caravan parks, cabins and Couchsurfing for three solid hours. Very stressful. We ended up at a rainforest retreat at three times the price we normally pay.. so $95 whole dollars. I'm looking out over mountains, beaches that goes on forever which is the start of the Great Barrier Reef and hundred and eighty degrees of trees. I'm overlooking almost the top of the trees. I don't expect to see any Wildlife but there's a lot of birds.  Early in the daytime it's quite hot like 35 to 40 degrees and as we get closer to Cairns, I'm told that the humidity will be unbearable. I have to make sure we always have an air-conditioned place with Wi-Fi. Sadly this place does not have Wi-Fi.

We had to drive up what looked like a straight incline and I was petrified. I was freaking out because I didn't think I'd ever be able even go down the hill again. we park the car facing down on what felt like a straight up and down incline and every time I would back up, it would go forward closer to the cliff. I could hardly breathe. I'm dreading going down the hill but the place turned out to be wonderful. There's the main area where you can swim in the lobby hang in the hammocks check out The Overlook. So many things to do.

We even booked a sunset Cruise on a sailboat but after we paid for it they canceled it because of the wind. That's okay I don't think I could get back in the car voluntarily to do the incline that we have to do tomorrow. While swimming at the reception I noticed I am absolutely covered in bug bites I'm looking forward to getting home in the snow and no more bug bites.

So the Resort we're  staying at is a big cabin with for private rooms with their own bathroom and we all share the kitchen. Right now we have two German couples one of them on their honeymoon another couple just checked out and my daughter and I. They're having a very lively visit but I'm in my room scratching my bug bites- do I know how to party or what.

Each one of the rooms was filled up with foreigners and people coming and going and it was so nice to just sit around and share stories and of course advertise Spoiled Rotten. The main area’s sweltering and opens to the deck and the rain forest with the individual rooms having air conditioning so they're always overly a/c’d and I'm freezing my butt off. I know. First world problems. Close quarters,  always sharing a queen bed, and pregnancy hormones could be the death of us. I found that while driving, if tension is high, I stop to get gas every day and I buy an Oreo chocolate bar to share. We are stopping A LOT for the chocolate. LOL

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