Thursday, 17 November 2016

Nov. 12 - Hitchhikers Dude at the Caracas Park Mini Cabin

So we picked up our first hitchhiker. He was actually only the second hitchhiker we've seen on our travels. The first one we didn't pick up because every time I go to turn left to pick up somebody I put on the windshield washer so I gave up. This time  I was fast enough to figure out which way to go. He's a young one, in his twenties, traveling the world with a smile as big as a billboard which I'm pretty sure he's been living off of for free for a very long time. Moved into a roadside Caravan cabin for 3 so I invited him to join us and I ended up having to pay the extra person supplement- bloody hell. Too late to tell this poverty stricken boy. Now we're all swimming in the pool getting ready to use the free Wi-Fi laptop walk the beach do some shopping swim in the city rock BATHS. Cooked up a gourmet dinner as I'm sure this lad has not had in awhile - i saw his groceries all bread and pasta. I'm surprised if his system doesn't shut down with the salad. In bed by nine and still didn't get to watch the free DVD rentals.  It was a good night.

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