Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Nov. 7 - Tired, Déjà Vu & Linga Longa

No idea what day but a week into the three. it's funny how you can not know the day of the week or the time or anything but as soon as you misplace your watch it's the most important  worry  of the day. I was up all night in the hard mattress camper van, dreaming a chaos of travel plans. I'm still too old for a hard surface sleeping.  Up at 4:15 with one song running thru my head and a herd of weird whistling birds. Why oh why is the bathroom a block away and why can't I open my eyes any wider? It's gonna be a long long hot day. Tasted my first Red Bull since they don't sell the minis and it's yummy but only a few sips a day. Renters in the camper Park must really hate us. We wake up way too early and we open and close doors a thousand times an hour to find things.

While eating breakfast a lovely middle aged woman joined us and it didn't take long to find another kindred spirit of traveling. Her home life was iffy and she was suddenly traveling her trip of a lifetime “walkabout” against her will. It was so déjà vous for me. We talked, she vented and cried and grieved and then she wrote my blog for the day because all her experiences were my experiences. We told her she was getting divorced and she had no idea. She wrote me back a month later to say they are getting divorced. Poor lady. She rented a manual mini camper van similar to ours to drive on the wrong side of the road with a left hand clutch. Her driver bailed and she was stuck and as terrified as I was but she had more reason. She was alone without a GPS, either human or mechanical. She found herself going the Canadian way around an ass backward roundabout  with all drivers look of shock and worst fear. We still keep in touch.  

We drove for a long time mostly looking for a rest stop so we can both go use the facilities but we ended up at a superb superhost 5 star Airbnb slightly Off The Beaten Path called LingaLonga where you go to “linger longer”. She's very spiritual and she has a retreat on the Edge of Town that will blow your mind. Her mom is over 80 + and is a spitfire. I want to die here. The Kangaroos hang around the pond, the Christmas lights sparkle up the colourful hot tub late at night under the stars. She has the best accommodations for any type of Airbnb you can imagine from self contained housing to gorgeous bedrooms. Unbelievable. Makes my place look like hell on earth.

So we drove and drove and drove and drove and drove and ended up in what this particular City claims is the nicest beach in all of Australia. Pretty beautiful  near the caravan park. Met so many groups of 20-something Millennial girls traveling together. It's so refreshing to we stayed up and shared our stories, not too dissimilar from my traveling daughters stories of touring the Orient for years. Gawd it's getting hot at night. I weighed the disadvantages of mosquito bites or dying of heat stroke so I left the door open. We lived anyway.

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