Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Nov 16 - A Traditional Aussie Day

I'm having a very traditional Aussie day today. We relaxed and did not have to change our accommodation for a change. Suddenly we remembered, oh shit,, that we had to return the van and clean it before the hostel  closed its doors in the afternoon. Got it spic and span did not have an accident and actually made it back to the return center with a bit of a refund which was nice. We sweet-talked the guy into taking us down to the Lagoon to soak in the baths and take more pictures of Cairns. On the way back we had our traditional ice cream and the bats we're just starting to wake up. Apparently they fill the skies around 6:30 pm and first thing in the morning around 5 ish. I am dying to see them again. So we came back for the BBQ at the hostel and a bit of entertainment with the didgeridoo- it was a little competition and when it ended I tried the didgeridoo and I was actually pretty good at it- ok brilliant!  I would totally have rocked the contest. The young'ins have no idea how to blow...the didgeridoo. Lol.  We also ate kangaroo and crocodile and we finished off the evening with tim tams that my friend Jim suggested. Damn they're really good. Finishing off our Aussie stay with a bang. We only have one more day here until we both get our flights with me heading solo to New Zealand where they just had a 7.9 earthquake in the south. By the way, I like the concept of a hostile and mixing with all kinds of people but I'm always the oldest one there. And you always figure it's somewhat substandard until you go to your last Air B&B. Then you see what you really had when you had it.

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