Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Nov 10 - Medieval Villa but No A/C

Another 1000 hours...Ok 3, to Sarina. Heavily medicated we drove and stopped at a halfway point with no air-conditioning to eat some well-renowned homemade ice cream and pies from Australia they were good. I was afraid to sit beside the pond because there might have been alligators. We finally made it to the off the beaten path Sarina to meet the next Airbnb host Valerie. We love her. She 75 and a real Spitfire with a great sense of humor. She used to run a bed-and-breakfast business  until her daughter said to go Air B&B and now it's blooming. Her house is huge, homemade, medieval and fantastic. There is no air conditioning OMG! She does have a pool but because the city found out she's going Air B&B and they’re now charging her as a regular B&B and she has to upgrade her pool and get a special license $3,000 and build a special fence and test the water twice a day and get her kitchen up to par for regular inspections. She's too old and tired so it's now just a continental breakfast food for family use only someone kill me if I'm running a bed-and-breakfast it's 75 but she does it well when I can understand her accent. We enjoyed a wonderful swim on our arrival but when I wanted to use the pool and late at night she did say that it is rainforest so there could be spiders and lizards and snakes in the pool in the dark and yes they could be deadly. Her husband scoops them out every morning. I decided not to swim and have a shower instead.

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