Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Nov 9 - Driving Trivia, the Zoo, more Superhosts & Trump

It's my favourite time of the day...5:30 am by the beach. It's quite desolate but at the top of the hill, our packed campground full of travelers of all ages but mostly 20 yr olds.
So driving is getting quite relaxed but GPS Tom had us turn wrong and when I backed up onto the temporarily not busy highway, my nag partner calmly said, wrong side of the road. Damn! This is hard work changing 40 years of training. Another time I peered over the center line dangerously close to a lineup of about 40 motor bikers. They would not have been too happy with me knocking them all over like dominoes.

There are so many funny signs along the road. They have one that says pull over drink free coffee to revive and stay alive. When open. (It's never open). There are other signs that say simply Are We There Yet dad? Rest or RIP. Playing trivia saves lives -what is the national flower of the region? What is the longest river in the country? And then they give you the answer. It does keep us awake but we're pathetic. There's even one sign that says “No kids, it's still a long way to go yet”. There are no police on the road ever. In nine days we've only seen one police car parked at a police station in the driveway. I think the deterrence is all the signs that say hidden cameras everywhere. It works for me. Also the GPS things every time I go over the speed limit or the speed limit changes on the highway. Very interesting. What will be most interesting is when we return the car and find out through the agency whether we got a hundred speeding tickets or not. I'm afraid. We have only seen one hitchhikes right there on the whole trip which totally surprises me. I didn't stop because I couldn't figure out how to use the signals fast enough and our van is completely trashed so that they would have to lay on the roof. My driving has come a long way baby other than those two previous  incidents. I no longer hear the thump-thump thump-thump wondering what that is and it's me running over the sidelines. When I saw the 1590 to Cairn's I just about died but yesterday I said 900 and I now know I can do it. We have to remember to tell somebody that they should always start their trip from Sydney to Cairns rather than Cairns to Sydney because the road heading north is completely empty. We've only seen three kangaroos dead on one tiny strip of Highway.
Went to Allentown in Rockhampton to see the free zoo and Botanical gardens. What a great zoo! We did however see the biggest spider ever and so many spiders in Oz are deadly so we don't look thru fences anymore.

We arrived at an Airbnb superhost who has only been on for 3 months. She made it look so easy and inexpensive. We spent the night doing paperwork, watching old reruns and crying in our noodles about the monster, he who shall not be named (Trump) who was  voluntarily elected by the Americans. It's all over and the don't even suspect.

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