Sunday, 20 November 2016

Nov. 14 - Cairns...Here we Come

My daughter saw the spider dome and  yup we were done with that place- packed up. We were going to go swimming but parking was gross so blew that off.  First day driving without using any medication and it was getting difficult. Getting here we saw so many fields of banana plants and what's funny about that is each one of the trees has a big grocery bag hanging off it with the bananas inside. Not sure if that prevents the other animals from eating it but I would hate to be buying that bag complete with the heebie-jeebies inside. Chance reminds me of Vancouver . It's spread out  and seems large but in this case it probably is not. We just continued down to Cairns and now we're at a beautiful super host Airbnb place with a pool and a big TV and a lovely hostess. She greeted us with our choice of a bottle of wine but scuba diving, i had to pass. I guess the scuba diving and snorkeling will begin tomorrow. Number one on the bucket list. I don't think this part of the world is ever going to see rain. 35- 40 degrees Celsius. We drove downtown near the beach and couldn’t wait to use their baths- inter swimming pools. We saw the night market had a quick bite I'm going outside to walk the park. It look like hundreds and hundreds of people on a small Bridge staring out of the water in the sunset was behind them another Bridge staring out of the water but we couldn't figure out what they were looking at. There was music in the background and suddenly somebody pointed end supermoon came up they were so lucky to get that photo cuz it's the brightest one for 70 years that they're going to see. Then as we were walking to the car we saw the coolest phenomenon. There were thousands of bats in the near dark in the downtown Skies. Oh my God it's fantastic! Of course I left my phone in my car so I couldn't video it but I'm going to get it tonight. When back to our place, talked Trump for a long time with the Aussies and I crashed early.

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