Saturday, 19 November 2016

Nov. 13 - PTSD Costa Rica at Pacha Mama

We packed up the tiny cabin that was perfect for our needs had a huge breakfast and headed off to the Townsville baths. another hot day with no rain in sight. So they climbed to the top of the lookout and we dropped him off and continued on our way. We spent a good portion of the day looking for waterfalls and the app Campermate, that has done very well, was misinformed. We worked in the hot sun up up up the mountain walk. The 10 minute walk was a full hour we didn't make it. when we got to the rock pools near the top it was a death-defying walk over the rocks to get to the pools. Everybody did it and could be nice but it was quite scary and at one point in between some rocks that I wanted to get over a  huge snake came out and i decided at that point maybe I did want to swim. I'm not afraid of snakes but I'm supposed to be in Australia. We were pretty cranky then we went back down to the beach to swim some more and drove to the second 5 star rainforest retreat. We had to get picked up in a 4 by 4 and taken down hugely steep roads to get to camp. It seems to be that all of the owners of these rainforest camps bitter men. we found our tiny casita with just a bed and a fan and a lite. Around the corner was an alfresco shower and toilet and wash basin. When I was alone I looked up and saw in the seventh layer of Hell a monstrous spider or two eating a bird they got caught in the net webs from above my head to many feet above. I knew I was done with that idea of a shower and so was my daughter. We swam met some lovely people read a lot which I haven't done for the whole trip and I stayed up late reading till 10:30 if you can believe it. As crazy as it sounds, I think I have a little bit of PTSD residual from the Costa Rican rainforest that I went to. Everywhere I looked on this site were creepy insects and things that I remember all too well from a few years back. I'm covered in insects bites from head to my feet so I finally broke down and bought deet but I'm sticky all over.  I Remember All Too Well sleeping alone in my casita covered in bugs -used their sticky bug spray and hot in the sweltering non air-conditioned cabin praying for death. last night was no different. I think I'm done with the rainforest.

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