Monday, 21 November 2016

Nov. 15 - #1 on the Bucket List- The Great Barrier Reef & PUKING

Big day today, scuba diving The Reef. We had to be there for 7 so we checked out very early and found the boat. I had a bad feeling...I've been on these small boats too many times before and they should be named Pukatoriums where people go to die. Nice people but 2 hours to get to the outer Reef and oh it was rough. Massive waves and me filling puke bag after puke bag. I kinda thought the Reef was some rocks above ground to make a cove that would be smooth. Nope, Massive waves! I had booked a private tour and he was a wet towel. I felt so sick entering the water but instead of going down immediately, he suggested we swim above water to the front. OMG! I think I sucked the air dry before we even saw anything, stupid waves. Finally we swam to the Reef and surprisingly it was just like Thailand.  How disappointing. He swam ahead and mostly ignored me and I was afraid he'd knock my mask off. Finally it changed.  The colours of the coral were brighter, not bleached. The fish more abundant. I saw a coral that looked like a ginormous clam as big as me but the second time I saw another one and he motioned that it was a real clam and it was bright purple and gorgeous. Apparently my daughter was circling above me the whole time and that I even waved to her but hardly! I was probably air deprived. At 50 you must go back but we weren't.  Running out of air kinda scares me so eventually we slowly went back. I did see another fish he said was a puffer but I don't think so. It was huge and solid with little sharp teeth and we were eyeball to eyeball with him giving me the stink was the only time I was a little nervous.

Oh my God, back on the boat - thrilled it was all over with, thrilled to have seen it all, thrilled to have knocked this off my bucket list and dying to go home. I still feel really sick and they were serving lunch so I waited a long time. I finally ate and then puking started again. Why when you're very delicately puking do all the men in the room just sit there staring at you making you freak out? Finally one of the staffers took me to the back and made me sit there. It did help but I continued all day. At one point the bag I was holding made of teeny tiny goody sack bags of paper just dissolved and I was covered in my own vomit. Oh yeah I was happy. When I was counting how soon I'd get home we got an announcement from the captain that we were doing an emergency rescue so they started the boat up Full Throttle thousands of meter High waves and off we went again with me filling more bags. I have such good memories of the reef. LOL We caught up with a man and they went into rescue mode and it was very impressive but I couldn't  see between changing bags. When he got off the boat he knew the police will be waiting for him because the helicopter  search and rescue was involved too . I couldn't even function. I almost kissed the ground when we landed but when we went back to the room exhausted and I close my eyes all I could feel the waves like when you get off a trampoline. I will never forget this place. I don't know if that's good or bad.

Night came fast until I heard there was a possible break-in at my place. Luckily I have a number of people living there and checking on the place so it was not successful.

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