Saturday, 26 November 2016

Nov 21 Coramandel, Free Fish, Frozen Butts in Trailor

 Back up north. This is the life- no navigating, thank gawd for everyone and no driving. I get to watch everything or just sleep and eat my weight in passenger boredom. Radio is all about Christmas but it's getting hotter and hotter again. Just passed a cemetery on a hill. Plots were all triangles that looked like broken bathtubs. Can't believe how green and hilly it is. Tons of cows and sheep, and the occasional masterpiece of nature with waterfalls and rivers.

Eventually we ended up in a place I never thought it would go and I'm so excited to be here at Hahei near the famous Coromandel and Cathedral Cove. It's so beautiful here.

We squabbled about which camper Park we were going to. I wanted full service and they only wanted to pay $10 a night. so if I get the the cabin for just me it's $35 and they sleep in their camper and it's $10 per person and one sneaks in to the extra bed. This is us sharing all our crappy food and turning it into a feast. Mine was always the rich person's snacks; you know, hummus and feta and sundried tomatoes. Mmmmm, hungry again.

We walked along the ocean and saw the imitation penguin wannabees.

Sunset was stellar. All the recently absent people have all awakened from the dead and the park is now full of party animals.  It's so cool sleeping here.

It's a seniors Camper Park and they were cleaning tons and tons of fish they got in the afternoon in the ocean. We went back later and asked how much it would cost to buy some from them so they just donated a whole bunch to us and it was the best fish I've eaten in awhile even knowing that it started with eyeballs and innards.
The seagulls and baby ducklings had a field day trying to beg from us.  They do make a lot of noise and they're very territorial.

We walked across the road to check out buying some booze to go and buying a drink as well and there was an entire busload of fishermen in the bar.  Woohoo! The lady attending the bar was the biggest bitch anybody has seen in years. Some other old guys we're discussing her and said she pissed them off 3 years ago and they haven't forgiven her -everybody hates her but she still there. She must be banging the boss.

Watched Lucifer on TV in the cabin. It's really cold tonight and there are no blankets here so one of the girls lent me her sleeping bag but I think we're all going to freeze no matter what although the one is in the car has a warm blanket so she might survive….we all did...freeze our asses off.

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